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With the wheels being the first point of contact your vehicle makes with the road, it’s important that they’re always equipped with good tires. This gives drivers increased control and allows them to navigate in climate conditions such as rain, sleet, and snow. It’s because of this importance that your vehicle needs a great set of tires attached to it, and that’s where Tallman’s Express Lube in New Hartford, New York can help. Our service advisors take the time to understand your needs and provide you with proper tire solutions. Then our ASE Certified technicians quickly perform the service so you can get back to what matters! Whether you need a new set of tires or your current tires repaired, we have all the solutions your tires will need!

Do You Need New Tires?

With tires playing an important role in the quality and control of your drive, it’s important that your vehicle is always equipped with good tires. This ensures you have full control of your vehicle, regardless of the weather conditions. Do you think your vehicle is in need of new tires? Or maybe you’re dealing with tire trouble? Regardless of your situation, our team is here to help. Before your next drive, keep these signs of tire wear in mind!

Balding Tires

When you first purchase a tire, it comes with a lot of tire tread. Over time, this tread wears down and you lose some grip of the road as a result. The tread will eventually wear out completely, and that’s when you’ll be left with a bald tire. These tires are dangerous to drive on, especially in slick conditions such as rain, sleet, or snow.

To determine if the tread in your vehicle is worn, try using the quarter test! Using a quarter, insert it head first into the tread of your vehicle. If you can see the head of our founding father, that indicates the tread is worn out and that you will need a new tire.


Along with checking the tread of your tire, also keep its age in mind. Although many tires are built to last, they aren’t invincible to time and they’ll eventually need to be changed. Many tire manufacturers recommend changing tires after 10 years, while vehicle manufacturers recommend changes after six. Just keep in mind that age shouldn’t be the main reason you should change tires, and it’s only if your tire maintains its good condition for that duration of time. Some drivers may have to change their tires much sooner due to their driving conditions and habits!

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Looking for a new tire? Or maybe your vehicle needs a tire repair? Regardless of your tire needs, Tallman’s Express Lube is here to help you. Our service advisors will take the time to understand your needs and pick a tire that’s best fit for your vehicle and budget. Then, our ASE Certified technicians will quickly install or repair your tire so you can drive around New Hartford, NY with precision and control. Give us a call at (315) 266-1033 and learn how we can help you! In the area and want to stop by? Feel free to visit our facility at 8421 Seneca Turnpike, in Crossroads Plaza! At our shop, we have your back.